Well good lord....

Oct. 19th, 2017 07:11 pm
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Apparently we have a Labour/NZ First coalition. Colour me surprised, although certainly not unhappy. I'd have thought that Winston's Blue Rinse support would have had him going with the Nats, although policy-wise Labour is a better fit. Now to see if Jacinda Ardern can wrangle him any better than his past coalition partners.

Interesting times, indeed, although thankfully on a smaller scale than some.

Gosh has it been that long

Oct. 17th, 2017 05:48 pm
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It's not that I'm not about, I'm just not chatty. Except for Tumblr, which does not count on the communication front. Chat on Chatzy does, but it's not DW/LJ. Ah well.

Have some link stuff:

The Beeb mined this one for human interest too - oh, we wacky Kiwis, right? :-)

There is new Maiden Rose coming, still doujinshi, but I'm forever grateful that their creator still loves Klaus and Taki as much as I do.


And I even posted about TS. Who'd a thunk?


I'm 99% sure I saw...

Oct. 8th, 2017 07:35 pm
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a coatimundi! Picture 1 and Picture 2.

Background: Both my parents are in failing health, with my mom in a nursing home. My sis and I take turns coming to Clovis to help Dad with shopping / cleaning / visiting Mom, etc.* This is my weekend.

Their house is amid farmland -- scattered clusters of houses (and more all the time) -- but lots of cattle pasture and/or cropland all around. This is especially true if I go to the nursing home on the roads through the farmland... which I prefer because [a] no traffic, [b] 1.7 miles shorter route, and [c] the main road is torn up for repaving. And I like the glimpses of nature -- hawk sitting on a fencepost (yesterday), ducks in the playa lake formed by recent rains (day before), and even a herd of Dutch belted cows if their grazing brings them close to the road.

(I was amazed that so many cows in the herd had a white band around their middle; figured the rancher had a bull that consistently passed on the gene. The rancher saw me taking pics one day; stopped to tell me about them, which is how I know it's an actual breed, and not an unusual color variation.)

ANYway, I was traveling toward the nursing home to help Mom with lunch, driving on a narrow paved road with open fields on each side. I saw a big lump in the road ahead of me and slowed down; wasn't sure if it was an animal or a piece of tire from someone's blowout. (I was betting on the latter; it was an amorphous blob, and didn't resemble any kind of animal shape I know.) But it moved, scuttling quickly into the weeds at the side of the road. I had a fleeting impression of hunched back, long nose, long hair and bushy tail. It was about the size of a good-sized cat, and I mentally tagged it as a "small, shorter-nosed, less-bushy-tailed anteater-type thing" to lock it in my memory and help me look it up.

As soon as I got to the nursing home I pulled out my iPad (always with me because I use it as an eReader) and did a search for "New Mexico mammals" while fielding others' suggestions. (I'm familiar with coyote, fox, badger, raccoon, skunk, jackrabbit, weasel, and bobcat; it wasn't any of them.) When I saw the coati's picture, I thought, "Bingo!" Despite the very fleeting glimpse I caught of it, that was the only animal that even came close to a possibility.

I knew about coatis (Captain Kangaroo introduced us to them when I was a wee tyke), but I thought they were only found in Central America and Mexico and didn't come this far north. But according to the internet, they can also be found in southern New Mexico and Arizona, so the possibility was strengthened. Then when I went to help Mom with supper, I showed the picture to some of the staff. Patricia, the lady who brings round the medicine each evening, said that a tech she knows saw one in the parking lot a few months ago (about 1-1/2 miles from where I saw the animal) and took a picture with his cellphone; she recognized it right away.

So, confirmation -- there are at least a few coatimundis living in, near, or around Clovis, New Mexico, and I got a glimpse of one. Woot!

Here's a video of a woman feeding a group of coatis in Mexico. Gotta say, I'd be a little intimidated -- they practically mobbed her, and they are wild animals, after all. But they're cute, and they make a funny bird-twittering sound; not like a mammal at all.

Gotta say -- I am psyched about seeing this little guy, brief as it was. Does me no good at all, doesn't change anything... but this evening, the world is a more amazing place.

(*Which is why I haven't been very active here lately; the little spare time I have, I immerse myself in a fanfic security-blanket. C'est la vie; as Gibbs says, you do what you have to for family.)

The Internet is funny

Oct. 7th, 2017 03:27 pm
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And also deeply weird sometimes. They serve up those tailored ads based on where the algorithms say you are. But the company I work for has a server farm in Kansas City and my laptop visited Tucson along with me. So Google Maps uses Kansas City as my default location. And I get all these ads for the Arizona Opera House, etc. I wish I could go see Hercules vs the Zombies In AZ this month
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