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HitFix's Drew McWeeny wrote The Bigger Picture: Muppets, Avengers, and Life In The Age Of Fanfiction; if I wasn't the closest I've ever been to not getting this post done, I think I'd be all over this.

Nathalie Atkinson assured readers of the National Post (Canada) that Shame is not Magneto fan fiction or some sort of X-Men/ Jane Eyre mash-up - no sexy young mutant or simmering Rochester here. More's the pity.

[personal profile] rose_griffes pointed me to a ref by Alan Sepinwall on HitFix: "The Muppets" is, to put it simply, the greatest work of fanfiction I've ever seen. And I mean that only as a compliment. Sepinwall goes on to discussing its ficcishness at some length.

In a piece about a screening of two Frankenstein movies, Chicago Reader opined weird and personal re-workings of a popular myth […] goes on regularly—and hermetically—in the netherworld of fan fiction.

PerezHilton.com speculated that Wendy [Williams] is spending her free time writing Oprah fan fiction.

There were a couple of refs related to rap; the first, from [personal profile] msilverstar, was a pointer by Fernando Alfonso III on The Daily Dot to an RPF site, headlined The people behind Rap Industry Fan Fiction. And, on LA Weekly, Dan Weiss authored Rap Industry Fan Fiction: Here Are Some Freestyled Stories About Tyga And Tyler, the Creator.

[personal profile] msilverstar also pointed me to a column on the American Library Association's young adult-focused YALSA blog, Not Really A Dirty Word: Finding the Right Fanfiction Online, by Jessica Pryde.

In The Eastern Progress (Eastern Kentucky University), Stephanie Collins profiled fellow student/aspiring author Mara Gover, who began writing fan fiction in her younger years, a hobby that developed into general fiction writing once she entered high school.

The Guardian muffed the def of slash.

WBEZ's Claire Zulkey put out a call for Cleatus [(the FOX football robot)] fan fiction.

Finally, 3 News's Daniel Rutledge talked to (not that) Sean Bean about "EA’s upcoming fantasy RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning," asking, "Are you looking forward to going through some of the fan fiction and so forth?" Bean answered, Oh, absolutely. One of the hardest things for us is to know all the things that will precede and come after the game.


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